The Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House: A Unique Farm Experience in Days Creek, Oregon

Days Creek, Oregon boasts an exquisite and unforgettable accommodation experience: the Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House. Offering lodging to up to four guests at once and complete with its very own working farm – as well as providing breakfast prepared fresh each morning from local produce – The Hippie Shack makes an exceptional stay surrounded by nature!

John and Jane Smith own and run Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House. With decades of farming experience under their belts and their shared commitment to sustainable living as their passion, these dedicated hosts created this charming experience, giving guests an authentic taste of farm life away from everyday worries and stresses.


At The Hippie Shack, the Yurt is an authentic Mongolian structure made from natural materials like canvas and wood, featuring comfortable queen-sized beds, cozy seating areas, small kitchenettes and even wood burning stoves for colder nights – not forgetting its breathtaking farm-based views from large windows!

The Tiny House at The Hippie Shack offers sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation options that are both sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Boasting loft-style bedrooms, full kitchen facilities, living space – all within 300 square feet! Guests also can take advantage of an outdoor seating deck perfect for stargazing on clear nights.

Farm Fresh Breakfast

At The Hippie Shack, one of the highlights is enjoying our farm-fresh breakfast experience! John and Jane take great pleasure in using ingredients straight from their farm to craft nutritious yet flavorful breakfast dishes for guests like homemade granola to fresh eggs laid each morning at The Hippie Shack – it truly provides guests with an immersive farm-to-table experience!

24’ cedar lined Yurt with attached tiny house Indoor bathroom & Kitchen

Activities on the Farm

Visitors can experience farm life first-hand by participating in activities like collecting eggs from the chicken coop, picking fruits and vegetables from the garden or aiding with daily chores. Hiking trails offer tranquil spots where guests can unwind amidst nature.

De-Commission from Technology

At The Hippie Shack, the emphasis is placed on unplugging from technology and reconnecting with nature. Although Wi-Fi access is available, guests are encouraged to switch off screens in favor of enjoying life on a farm instead. Take some time for yourself in this peaceful countryside location! Unplug and recharge.

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Discover the Surrounding Area

The Hippie Shack lies at the heart of Amish country, nestled amid rolling hills and charming farmland. Visitors to The Hippie Shack can take an enjoyable bike ride through scenic countryside while stopping by local markets or shops to find handcrafted goods as well as traditional Amish treats.

Engage Yourself in the Hippie Shack Experience

The Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House provides guests with an unforgettable and exciting experience, where comfort meets rustic charm in an atmosphere both welcoming and captivating.

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Bedroom: Cozy Retreat Our property boasts one cozy retreat-inspired bedroom equipped with two luxurious mattresses to provide restful slumber after an active day exploring our farm or its environs.

Bathroom: Modern Convenience

Although rustic in appearance, Hippie Shack does not sacrifice modern conveniences like full bathrooms for guests staying there. As part of its cozy charms is offering guests the most relaxing and convenient stay possible.

Superhost for Seven Years : Delivering Outstanding Hospitality Services

Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House’s superhost has been providing exceptional hospitality for seven years and strives to create an enjoyable experience for every guest who visits.

24’ Yurt with a Tiny House attached
Off Grid solar and propane powered Glamping with all the comforts of a 5 Star Hotel

Self Check-In for Ease and Convenience

As our guests have diverse schedules, the host offers self check-in to allow guests to settle into their property at their own pace without the pressure of adhering to specific check-in times.

What the Hippie Shack Yurt and Tiny House Offers

Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House goes beyond charming interiors to provide guests with amenities and experiences designed to enrich your stay.

Farm Breakfast: Offering A Taste Of Countryside

Hippie Shack’s farm-fresh breakfasts offer guests an exquisite start to each day in Oregon – offering guests an authentic taste of Oregon countryside!

Hippie Shack Is Perfect for Remote Work

Hippie Shack offers all the amenities necessary for remote working, making it the ideal location for digital nomads and anyone seeking a change of scene while they work from remote.

Endless on demand hot water shower in a  private tiny house attached to the Yurt!

Location of Days Creek Oregon.

Days Creek in Oregon is known for its natural beauty and serene setting. Visitors staying at Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House will get to discover this idyllic area first-hand and immerse themselves in local lifestyle.

The Hippie Shack Yurt & Tiny House in Days Creek, Oregon provides an unforgettable accommodation experience. Perfect for nature enthusiasts or digital nomads seeking an unconventional vacation spot – this property guarantees to provide unforgettable stays!

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