The A-Frame Cabin: An Ideal Riverside Retreat in Saint Regis, Montana

Intro: Situated within Saint Regis, Montana’s peaceful environs is the A-Frame Cabin; offering guests looking for respite from city life an ideal respite. Just steps from Clark Fork River this cabin provides the ideal spot for up to six guests seeking tranquility amidst rustic charm and modern amenities. Architect’s Notes / Construction Notes (below). The Architecture

The A-Frame Cabin is an architectural gem that stands out among trees and mountains, thanks to its distinct triangular shape reminiscent of traditional cabins while boasting sleek lines, large windows, and contemporary features that bring modernity. Not only is its triangular form eye-catching; this design also allows natural lighting and scenic views into every room of this dwelling.

Living Room | Wood-Burning Stove


Step inside an A-Frame Cabin and instantly feel at home! Its inviting atmosphere features wood paneling throughout that adds rustic charm. The living area features comfortable seating perfect for cozying up by the fire on cold evenings; while its fully equipped kitchen comes complete with all modern appliances necessary to whip up delectable meals! On top, two bedrooms await with luxurious beds offering beautiful vistas over surrounding terrain.

Outdoor Space The A-Frame Cabin’s outdoor area is equally as impressive. The spacious deck provides the ideal place for al fresco dining, relaxing in the hot tub, or taking in its picturesque surroundings. Plus it boasts its very own BBQ grill – great for cooking up delicious steaks or burgers while enjoying nature!

Kitchen | Dining


The A-Frame Cabin offers guests convenient access to some of Montana’s top outdoor pursuits. Enjoy hiking through Montana’s magnificent mountain terrain, fishing the Clark Fork River or exploring national parks nearby. In winter season hit one of several nearby ski resorts or try your hand at snowmobiling; no matter when or why you visit there is always something exciting waiting near the A-Frame Cabin!

Are You Planning an Occasion

From romantic getaways and family trips, to friends’ trips or adventures of any sort – A-Frame Cabins offer the ideal destination. Their peaceful yet scenic locations make for relaxing retreats while nearby activities make this destination great for adventurous travellers. Plus with fully-equipped kitchens and comfy amenities included for a comfortable stay!

Living Room | Smart TV

History Behind A-Fram Cabins

A-Frame cabins can trace their history back to the 1950s when they first made an impactful statement about American culture and architecture. Their distinctive triangular form echoed Japanese architecture and quickly gained favor as vacation homes and ski lodges across America. A-Frames continue to attract those seeking unique accommodation experiences today thanks to their striking designs and cozy environments; making A-Frame cabins one of the premier travel choices today!

Plan Your Stay at an A-Frame Cabin

Are you seeking an idyllic retreat and reconnect with nature? Montana offers plenty of unforgettable vacation spots; one such option is A-Frame Cabin. Enjoy its prime location and charming design for an unforgettable vacation experience at this iconic cabin! Pack up your bags, grab your hiking boots, and prepare to experience Montana at this serene A-Frame Cabin!

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Unwind in Comfort inside an A-Frame Cabin

The A-Frame Cabin at Saint Regis was specifically created to immerse visitors into its beauty, with its rustic aesthetic and comfortable amenities. After exploring nature, guests can unwind by relaxing in its comfortable living room – equipped with fireplace and large windows providing breathtaking forest views – or take a dip in its hot tub outside and breathe in crisp mountain air – for ultimate rejuvenation and peace. No matter your preferred method of relaxation, A-Frame Cabin offers peaceful yet rejuvenating escape!

Bedrooms: A Haven of Rest

Our cabin provides three beautifully-appointed bedrooms for six guests to sleep soundly at any one time, each room designed for optimal restful sleeping experiences in serene settings. Each of the three rooms boasts large windows to let in natural light while offering stunning landscape views; after an active day outdoors you will look forward to cozying down on one of its soft beds under warm blankets for some restful zzzs!

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Fully Equipped Kitchen: An Essential Space for Chefs.

An integral feature of staying at the A-Frame Cabin is access to its fully equipped kitchen, designed with modern appliances and spacious countertops to suit even novice chefs or those simply interested in cooking. Make delicious meals using ingredients sourced locally at local markets before gathering around the kitchen island for morning coffee with loved ones at breakfast time – cooking has never been so rewarding in an idyllic mountain environment!

Bathrooms: Convenience Meets Comfort

A-Frame Cabin provides guests with all modern comforts during their stay, featuring two full bathrooms complete with essential amenities to add comfort. Each of them provides access to modern shower technology.

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Superhost Evolve: Your Path to an Extraordinary Stay

Evolve, the superhost of A-Frame Cabin has been providing guests with exceptional hospitality for seven years. Their dedication ensures every stay with Evolve is unforgettable!

Unassisted Cancellation Service Provides Peace of Mind: Put Your Travel Plans At Ease

Evolve understands plans may change unexpectedly and offers free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to their visit, giving guests peace of mind when planning their travel schedules. This feature provides them with flexibility should any unexpected events arise that alter the plans for their visit.

Bedroom 3 (Loft) | Queen Bed

What the A-Frame Cabin Can Offer

Beyond its cozy interiors, the A-Frame Cabin boasts an assortment of amenities designed to enhance guest experiences.

Proximity to Clark Fork River

One of the primary draws to this property is its prime location – mere footsteps away from Clark Fork River allowing easy access to various water-related activities and adventures for guests.

Full Bathroom | Complimentary Toiletries | Ground Floor

Location of Saint Regis Montana.

In Saint Regis, Montana lies an A-Frame Cabin which provides visitors with an opportunity to discover this charming town – from picturesque hiking trails to delicious dining options, there is much to see and discover here!

Saint Regis, Montana offers an A-Frame Cabin that boasts both comfort and natural beauty – ideal for nature enthusiasts or peaceful retreats alike! Situated along a peaceful riverbank, this riverfront cabin ensures that every stay will be an enjoyable one.

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