Secluded Yurt in the Heart of the New River Gorge: A Unique Wilderness Retreat in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Nestled deep within West Virginia’s New River Gorge lies an accommodation that promises an immersive wilderness experience: The Secluded Yurt offers one-bedroom accommodations that comfortably sleep four. An idyllic destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts seeking respite from busy urban lifestyles alike; situated on private property amidst lush forest with incredible views of New River Gorge itself!


About The Yurt

A Yurt is a circular structure with a conical roof traditionally utilized by nomads of Central Asia for shelter and lodging purposes, now converted for modern use to offer guests a comfortable and unique lodging experience. Equipped with all necessary amenities including an exquisite queen-sized bed, futon that sleeps two additional people, fully functional kitchenette and private bathroom equipped with hot water; as well as outdoor amenities like firepits, horseshoe pits and hammocks perfect for enjoying nature while lounging outdoors

Activities and Attractions in Florida

The Secluded Yurt is perfectly located for outdoor adventures, making it the ideal accommodation choice for adventure seekers. Nearby New River Gorge National Park boasts numerous activities such as whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking; guests may also wish to explore Fayetteville which boasts charming small-town atmosphere and delicious local cuisine – or perhaps visit iconic New River Gorge Bridge which provides spectacular panoramic views and photo opps from here!

Open space to congregate


The Secluded Yurt takes sustainability very seriously, featuring features designed to limit its effect on the environment. Solar panels power its features including lighting and charging electronic devices with electricity provided from solar panels; its composting toilet reduces water use while eliminating toxic chemicals used by traditional toilets; it even features eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled wood for its construction!

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Services Available Now

Though adventure may lie just beyond their doorsteps, guests of The Secluded Yurt can also use this experience as an opportunity to relax and recoup during their stay. The tranquil environment provides the ideal respite from everyday stress; readers may choose from reading in a hammock chair to stargazing under an open night sky at The Secluded Yurt; there will no doubt be plenty of ways for guests to unwind and recharge during their visit!

Table expands to seat 2-6 people

Yurt Experience for an Ultimate Yurt Adventure

The Secluded Yurt is the ideal blend of comfort and rustic charm, promising guests an unforgettable stay within its serene forest surroundings. Fully-stocked kitchen facilities and comfy bedding complement its proximity to nature; guests will wake up to birds chirping while sipping coffee on its outdoor deck surrounded by greenery in the morning!

Bedroom: Create A Calm Sleep Space

The yurt boasts one bedroom equipped with two comfortable beds to ensure restful slumber amidst nature’s soothing sounds. This tastefully decorated space provides a cozy retreat after an active day exploring new sights.

View of Front Door- plenty of space to stash your gear

Bathroom: Essential Comforts

Even in an offbeat location like this rustic one, guests don’t lack essential comforts – the Secluded Yurt comes equipped with its own full bathroom for added convenience without diminishing the overall wilderness experience.

Superhost Erin: Extraordinary Hospitality

Erin has been welcoming guests at the Secluded Yurt for six years with exceptional hospitality and dedication to guest satisfaction – always striving to ensure every stay there will be memorable! She makes sure every stay at this retreat center remains unforgettable.

Couch pulls out to full size bed

Self Check-in: Flexibility and Convenience

Erin understands the varying schedules of her guests, offering self check-in so they can settle into their wilderness retreat at their leisure and begin immediately.

What the Secluded Yurt Provides

Beyond its cozy interiors, the Secluded Yurt offers guests with amenities and experiences designed to enrich your stay.

Well stocked kitchen to make all your meals

Location of Fayetteville West Virginia.

Fayetteville, West Virginia is an idyllic destination renowned for its captivating natural beauty. At Fayetteville’s Secluded Yurt guests have the opportunity to discover and explore New River Gorge; take part in activities such as hiking and river rafting; or simply relax and unwind amid nature’s tranquil setting.

The Secluded Yurt in New River Gorge provides an unforgettable stay experience, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, nature fanatic, or looking for an extraordinary escape – you are certain to remember it for many years after.

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